Activity Level Help
Resting includes taking a nap, sitting on a sofa, or sitting at a desk.

Standing includes activities like waiting in line at the grocery store.

Light exercise includes activities like taking an easy walk, where your breathing is not labored from physical activity.

Heavy exercise includes activities like cycling and running, where your breathing may be labored from physical activity.

Breathing Rate Help
Breathing refers to little to no speaking; no projection of voice.

Speaking refers to a projection of voice so that those around you can hear you, i.e., speaking with friends or colleagues next to you.

Loudly Speaking refers to projecting of voice to a group of people, i.e., singing at a concert or place of worship, attending an academic lecture, or talking to someone at a bar or noisy restaurant.

Social Distance Help
Measuring the distance when you are out and about can be tricky - here are some rough estimates you can use to maintain the recommended 6 feet distance:

Imagine a twin sized mattress between you and others.

When walking up and down stairs, keep about 8 stair steps between you and others.

Imagine your favorite tall celebrity to estimate 6 feet - like Jimmy Fallon, Will Smith or Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Washing Hands Help
Frequently means washing your hands 6-10x per day, according to experts.

Eye Protection Help
Eye protection, according to the CDC, includes safety goggles, face shields, safety glasses and full-face respirators.

Ventilation Help
Ventilation refers to how much fresh air is allowed into the space. Consider whether the windows and doors will be open or closed, or if you will be in a place that has high quality HEPA/MERV filtration systems.

Wear Mask Help
Handmade (1 layer) Just one layer that comes in contact with the mouth and the outside world.

Handmade (2 layer) 2 Layers (Inner is hydrophilic and Outer is Hydrophobic).

Handmade (tightly woven) Tightly Woven means materials such as cotton and cotton blends.

Handmade (loosely woven) Loosely woven means materials such as loose knit fabrics.

Surgical Ear loops vs. Tie strings Surgical Mask that has loops which go around the ear vs Mask that has ties that wrap around the back of the head.

N95 or KF94 respirators are respiratory protective devices designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles.